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Latin Translation Services

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Professional Latin translation services

Latin can easily be thought of as the mother language for Europeans. It is a language which has survived centuries and, although it is not widely spoken as a primary language, it is the foundation of the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian language.

At Today Translations, our Latin translators have the knowledge and experience to assist in any translation required. Their ability includes being able to judge tone and style for maximum effect and accuracy.

We treat Latin translation services with the careful consideration and attention it deserves and requires. Our translators are highly educated in professional Latin translation and linguistic studies and are therefore able to communicate your message in its appropriate form.

Why Latin?

– Latin is the official language of Vatican City.

– The Latin language is becoming an increasingly popular subject because of its age and impact it has on modern languages and their evolution. Latin is still taught in schools and it is often regarded as a language which any striving linguist should have an understanding of.

– Latin was also the primary language spoken by the Roman Empire, which adds to its historical value and intrigue. If you examine the Latin alphabet it is rooted in the Greek alphabet which dates even further back.

– With the spread of the Roman Empire, Latin found its way all over Europe and with time evolved into languages we know today, most notably French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It has played a crucial role in the way people communicate all over the world.

Key considerations:

– Latin does not use the usual Subject-Verb-Object sentence structure, which is why Latin translation into and from this language requires previous extensive study.

– Latin grammar is also fundamentally different from English, one example being the lack of "a" and "the" articles and the existence of 6 cases for nouns.

– Words in this language change their meaning depending on the context. The little information we have available nowadays makes it difficult to always know the right one.

– Thus, accurate Latin translation frequently even requires knowledge of Roman history in order to associate words with contexts.

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