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Recruitment & HR Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Data Backed-Up

Your data is backed-up using quality standards ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. You’ll also enjoy GDPR assurance.

Reporting Across Every Variable

You can have as much data as you like. Our bespoke CRM system, QCS+, enables reporting across every possible project variable, plus macro trend analysis, at no extra cost.

Qualified Project Managers

APM-qualified project managers and a robust risk- and change-management strategy mean we hit 99.8% of our deadlines.

Industry Experience

asa translation FedEE translation atd translation

  • 21% average budget saving from industry-specific translation memories
  • 606 specialist translators in this industry
  • 350,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for training

Compelling Translation for the Recruitment Industry

You hire to expand your team globally. Once you have the right people, you need to onboard them. That means making sure employees fully understand your company policy and values, whatever the country, so that you protect both your brand and your productivity.

To do this, we recruit only translators qualified to at least Masters level, with a thorough grasp of the recruitment industry. This gives you authoritative, accurate copy delivered in double-quick time.

Our translations service covers the full cycle of the recruitment process, including advertising positions, applications and supporting documentation, pre-interview testing, interviews, HR documents, onboarding and training.

But recruitment is also a world of sensitive employee information, internal material, and policy documents. So our systems and processes are certified to conform to UKAS ISO 27001, the international standard for information security certification, to protect your valuable data.

Recent Projects

equinix translations

Translation and Proofreading
60+ Projects
4,300,000 words translated

drinks translations

Michael Kors
Translation, Proofreading,
and Typesetting
910,000 words translated

drinks translations

Leading Drinks Brand
Translation, Proofreading,
and Typesetting
350,000 words translated

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Content We Translate:

  • Job Adverts
  • Applications and Supporting Documents
  • Examinations
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Management and Leadership Development materials
  • Corporate and Brand Values
  • HR Policies
  • Training for Procurement
  • Books, Papers and Articles
  • Interpreting for Interviews

Industry Insight


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