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Restaurants & Bars Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Consistent Tone of Voice

We consistently achieve the correct tone of voice by assigning you translators qualified to a minimum of Masters level and who also have an in-depth understanding of the restaurants and bars industry.

Native translators

We can assign members of our in-house translation team or in-country linguists based on your location. Between them, they cover more than 200 language combinations.

Fit for Purpose

Translated content is always fit for purpose because we can use our DTP and typesetting skills to present it ready for publication. This is a time saving of up to 20% for you.

Industry Experience

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  • 21% average budget saving from industry-specific translation memories
  • 600+ industry-specific linguists
  • 300,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for Travel and Leisure industries

Mouth-watering Translation for the Restaurants and Bars Industry

Just check out Trip Advisor. Every city in the world is teeming with restaurants and bars. Standing out in this crowded marketplace could be something as simple as presenting an easily navigable website with key information such as location, opening hours and menu offered in the reader’s native tongue.

Not only that, but the tone of voice is also crucial in making prospective customers’ mouths water. Dishes must sound appealing; drinks delectable. That’s why, at Today Translations, we don’t just translate – we transcreate and localise as well.

Transcreation involves staying true to the original tone of voice and emotional message of the original text to create new copy in the target language, while localisation means ensuring message are culturally appropriate.

Stir into the mix our translators’ expertise – our linguists are qualified to at least Masters level – and with their vast sector experience, and ours is a lip-smacking offering.

The restaurants and bars industry is also highly multicultural. So, as a side order, our experience across a vast range of materials means we can translate training and HR literature for a multinational workforce.

If you’re looking to save time and receive a finished product, such as your menus, you might be interested in our DTP and typesetting skills. We’re also happy to work on CMS within your website.

Recent Projects

britvic translations

Translation, Proofreading, and
800,000 words translated

bacardi martini translation

Marriott Hotels
Restaurant Menus
Translation and Proofreading

drinks translations

Leading Drinks Brand
Translation, Proofreading, and
1,600,000 words translated

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Content We Translate

  • Menus
  • Press Releases
  • Print and Digital Marketing
  • Staff Training
  • Branding Collateral and Copywriting
  • Legal and Contractual Material
  • Social Media
  • Website Localisation
  • Branding Collateral and Copywriting
  • Copy Adaptation

Industry Insight

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Typesetting, for the uninitiated, is the art of arranging and composing the text for the page or screen. The word originates from the days of mechanical printing, when each individual letter had to be placed, or ‘set’, on the printing press before being inked and pressed onto the paper.