Stephen Baugh

Stephen Baugh

Consultant on Financial Investigation and Asset Tracing

Stephen is a specialist fraud and financial investigator with over 25 years’ experience of conducting in-depth investigations into alleged international fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption. He served as police detective for over twenty years and has presented evidence at hearings and trials at the civil and criminal court and the court of appeal. He is a specialist in the provision of evidence-based reports for interested parties both individual and corporate.

He conducts due diligence research using open source and subscriber databases and sources and produces an array of reports for clients ranging from findings from source of wealth enquiries to information to inform decisions on the suitability of senior personnel to manage large net worth investment portfolios.

He advises clients seeking to trace the whereabouts of individuals both in the UK and abroad and the use of both open source material and covert methods; and provides assistance in obtaining evidence to instigate prosecutions and civil actions.

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