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Claire Brown

Operations Manager

Claire is the information source and solution finder of the team. No matter what the issue, she maintains  a decisive and pragmatic attitude combined with being caring, fun and uplifting. Her passion for information management and detail orientation ensures a solution-focused approach to business.

Claire's background in psychology (Postgraduate Diploma from The Open University) and project management (APMP Certified) helps our team to continually develop and ensures that our processes and general business practices are consistently excellent.

What makes you get up on a Monday?

People and process management. I enjoy taking a continuous improvement approach for our staff, helping people to realise their own potential. I get great satisfaction from the successes of team members, and also enjoy facilitating learning from challenges. . Honestly, I am also a data geek; I enjoy analysing data, engineering processes and monitoring targets and KPI's; all with a view to  ensuring that everything we do is fit for purpose.

What is your best holiday destination?

I spent two months in Thailand after graduation and  have great memories there: beautiful landscapes, warm people, fascinating culture and wonderful architecture.. I returned in 2012 for a holiday and again, was struck by how the country combines the wilderness of the North, the crazyness of Bangkok and the peacefullness of the South - all in  amazing harmony.

Are you involved in any charity activity?

I sponsor a 12-year-old boy called Cheikh who lives in Sierra Leone through World Vision. We write to each other about four times a year with updates on our lives, and World Vision send an annual report on how the sponsorship money has impacted life in the village where Cheikh lives It's a great feeling to know that a small amount of money and effort can make such an impact on another individual's life.

Personal localisation experience?

My family comes from East London, which is a region with a strong colloquial tradition. Certain expressions such as "apples and pears" are becoming less widely used now, though I must admit to calling a curry, a "ruby" (Ruby Murray) and in certain circumstance, teeth,"Hampsteads" (Hampstead Heath). I have a BA degree in Sociology and that combined with my latter diploma in Psychology represent a strong interest in how people and communities interact and communicate. It's the facilitation of communication across cultural and national boundaries that I find most interesting about our work.

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