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    Trusted Gujarati Translation

    Since our foundation in 2001, Today Translations has established itself as the pre-eminent provider of professional translation services from the heart of the historic City of London. We are proud that our offering does not just excel in the well-known European languages, but also offers excellence in important languages from other fast-growing areas of the globe, to reflect the growing importance of globalization in our world today.

    The basic premise of our Gujarati translation services is that the quality must be faultless and irreproachable to the native eye or ear. In order to achieve this, we insist that our clients’ Gujarati translations are always done by a native speaker of the target language, be it from Gujarati to English, English to Gujarati, or indeed into any other Indian language. Moreover, the translator will always show an exemplary standard of bilingualism, will have professional translation qualifications, and have spent five years or more working in the sector.

    Gujarati Translation Security

    However, we know that providing quality in our translation services is just one part of a vital balancing act. Other pressures can weigh heavily on the client – chief among them being security, which is of greater importance in an ever more digitized world.

    It has become a truth universally acknowledged in public to business to governmental circles that the rising dangers of fraud and data theft posed by cybercrime networks.

    It is without doubt that the provision of foreign language services is one of the most fertile areas for risk when stringent and organized checks and balances are not put in place. In particular, when individuals or businesses engage in the wide-scale and public dissemination of unvetted, translated texts in foreign countries, then the risk

    Today Translations is proud to be ahead of the curve when it comes to security standards; our agency was the first specialist translation company in the UK to gain the official ISO: 27001 Data Security Accreditation, which monitors best practice and full compliance in every aspect of data security. Our systems for ISO:27001 are audited on a regular basis, assuring that your personal data and financial information are protected in every eventuality when you work with us.

    Gujarati Translation Turnaround Speed

    Good timing is the key to success in every translation project we process. Today Translations analyses every step of its translation workflow to pass on efficiency saving to our clients.

    Today Translations has made itself a name for being a pacesetter when it comes to eliminating inefficiencies. Our CEO Jurga Zilinskiene learnt coding before designing our project management system, QCS+. She did this in frustration at the failings with the pre-existing methods of managing project data that were extremely unsatisfactory. QCS+ is a bespoke CRM system that allows our project managers to take a 360 degree survey of the finest details of each project. The precision that QCS+ lends to our work makes the process of refinement and delivery significantly quicker and smoother for the client than it might have been working under a less powerful system.

    Competitive Rates

    Providing the best service for our clients is a delicate balancing act, and while quality, security and speed are of utmost importance, we recognise that for many price can trump all. It is for this reason that when we prepare the quote for your Gujarati translation project, we take full advantage of our extensive global network of translation specialists to find the translator with the right skills working at the right rates. The consultation process will be eased along by our project managers whose expertise will make our transparent pricing structure all the clearer.

    Today Translations is also keen to offer discounted translation rates for long-term clients, corporate partnerships, or projects of significant volume. This way, you’ll see the value of your investment with us appreciate over time.

    Intelligent Project Management

    The serviced provided by Today Translations is founded upon the hard work of our Project Managers. Each one of them fulfils an official qualification from the Association of Project Managers soon after joining the firm. More importantly, the majority of our project managers are talented qualified linguists in their own right, which means that they have insiders’ knowledge of the finer technicalities of a translation project.

    The work of our PMs is facilitated by a range of the best Translation Memory tools on the market. Translation Memory is very different to Machine translation – we only ever work with human translation – but it is a computerized system which assembles client-specific glossaries with industry terminology and preferred phrasing. It allows us to eliminate repetitions on larger jobs, thereby cutting out much of the laborious work of normal translation, and passing the savings both in time and cost on to our client.



    Fareeha Hasani (Payments Programme Manager)

    Dynamic, established and creative organisation. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a translation service to add value to your business or project.

    American Express

    Roy West (Director - Global Security American Express )

    I thoroughly recommend Today Translations for a First Class professional service. The use of the finest linguists and exceptional management make them the leaders in their field.

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