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    Trusted Thai Translations

    Since our founding in 2001, Today Translations has emerged as a frontrunner in field after field of the language services industry. Our expertise in the provision of Thai translation has cemented our place as the London agency of choice for private clients as well as multinational corporations across a range of technical sectors.

    Our primary promise is to deliver Thai translations of unrivalled quality. The fundamental criterion for achieving this goal is very simple: your texts will in every instance be translated by a trained linguist whose mother tongue is the target language, and who will have demonstrated an exceptional standard of bilingualism. In addition, they must have obtained a respected translation accreditation, and also have demonstrated a five-year track record of successful work either within the translation industry or alternatively in the specialised sector pertaining to the translation at hand. These stringent standards are the first of many guarantees protecting the quality of your work.

    Translation Security Systems

    When you choose to work with Today Translations, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your security is our number one priority.

    In recent years observers in public, corporate and governmental circles have noted with considerable alarm the rising insecurity created by cybercrime networks. The private provision of translation services is seen to be particularly vulnerable to third party interference which can harm the interests of the client – who is necessarily in a position of being unable to check and corroborate the veracity of the service they have paid for, if they bought it in the first place because they were unable to communicate in Thai.

    The dissemination of foreign language communications to wider external audiences can be a high-stakes venture, so it is important to choose a professional translation agency that has sealed all the transnational gaps with its Thai language services, from Bangkok to London. Today Translations knows the value of being ahead of the curve with this issue; we were the first specialist translation company in the country to qualify for the official ISO:27001 Data Security Accreditation, our systems for which are regularly audited. With us, your financial information, personal data, and intellectual property are fully protected from cyber-crime in all its guises.

    Thai Translation Turnaround Speed

    Time is always of the essence. Work with an agency that pulls out all the stops for a convenient delivery.

    Today Translations recognises the value of eliminating inefficiencies in workflows, and we have always been proactive in tapping into this potential. Frustrated by failings in management systems that were industry-standard at the time, our CEO Jurga Zilinskiene learnt coding before designing our project management system, QCS+.

    This bespoke CRM system allows our project managers to have a 360 degree view of every aspect of our project operations, meaning that no stone is left unturned and no detail is left neglected. The precision and control this lends to our work makes the process far quicker and smoother for the client.

    A typical daily output for one professional Thai translator is 2,000-2,500 words. This ballpark figure should be taking into account when planning for the timing of your order. Bearing that in mind, we can certainly assemble larger teams of linguists to work on larger or more urgent projects on an express basis.

    Competitive Rates

    When it comes to the procurement of language services, we understand that the value for your money is going to be the deciding factor. That is why we stay finely attuned to variations of supply in the market to provide the best rates available for your Thai translation quote. The consultation process for the translation task at hand will always be quick, but primarily it will be transparent in terms of pricing, so you’ll never be left in the dark about any aspect of our service.

    We are also keen to offer discounted rates for long term clients, corporate partnerships or larger projects, so your investment in translating with us can very realistically appreciate over time.

    Intelligent Project Management

    The Project Management system operating at Today Translations is the functional cornerstone of our service. Each and every project manager we employ will gain official qualifications from the Association of Project Managers shortly after joining the company. In addition, they are qualified linguists themselves, which means they have a rigorous eye for detail on the finer sensitivities of translation jobs. The efficiency of their work is streamlined by the newest project management, translation memory and productivity tools on the market.

    If you have any questions before, during, or after working with Today Translations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Why Thai?

    Thai, formerly known as Siamese, is the official language of Thailand where it is spoken by some 60 million people. It is part of the wider Tai-Kadai family, meaning that it is related to some 95 other languages spread throughout the rest of South-East Asia, India and China. The language is tonal, analytic, and is renowned for its unique (and uniquely complex) writing system, which contains 32 vowels and 44 consonants, and a migraine-making amount of combinatorial possibilities. The capital of Thailand is commonly referred to as Bangkok, but this is just a nickname; the city holds the distinction (and the Guinness World Record) for having the longest place name of anywhere in the world, which can (theoretically) be read in its entirety here.

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    Fareeha Hasani (Payments Programme Manager)

    Dynamic, established and creative organisation. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a translation service to add value to your business or project.

    American Express

    Roy West (Director - Global Security American Express )

    I thoroughly recommend Today Translations for a First Class professional service. The use of the finest linguists and exceptional management make them the leaders in their field.

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