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Editing services

Our editors come from diverse backgrounds, such as marketing and journalism, and offer practical guidance when crafting your message for your target audience.

At Today Translations, our copy editing services offer the final seal of approval to your project, making sure that your translation reads as if it were written in the target language.

Generally, our editing services involve flagging and researching any terms that raise doubts and establishing whether a better, more accurate phrasing works better.

Sometimes, however, a radical rewrite serves the best purpose. The best proofreaders know how to follow the rules, but also understand when to break them to good effect.

As a client, you have no need to worry, since a repeated editing process will not cost you extra. These terms are clearly stipulated in the linguists’ contracts and in our indemnity insurance.

Editing v Proofreading

It is important to understand the difference between our proofreading and copy editing services. While our editors will try to improve phrasing and flag any contextual errors, our proofreaders, generally speaking, will usually only look for grammatical, syntax and spelling mistakes. Please be aware that each service carries a different rate.

After checking the translated material with the original text, the editor will generally only recommend their changes in side notes or through Track Changes, a common feature in Microsoft Word, rather than apply them to the final document.

The edited version of the text will then be send back to the original translator and, if possible, the dedicated project manager, to consider.

It is important, therefore, that our team of project managers continually monitor and liaise between the two linguists.

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