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Video Game Translation and Language Services

Trusted Expertise

Reducing Timescales

Reap the benefits of our Fresh-Thinking Partnerships™. We’ve already made $250,000 savings through custom-building APIs and cut a project by three months using CAD-trained translators.

Global, Native Translators

Our global trusted network of linguists always translate into their native tongue. Together, they cover over 200 languages.

Focus on Quality

Exacting standards on recruitment, project management and Translation Memory management have resulted in 99.5% first-time accuracy for translated content.

Industry Experience

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  • 1,500+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
  • 20% average time saving from in-house typesetting
  • 750,000,000 word translation capacity per annum

Translation for the Video Games Industry

The video games industry is worth around $75 billion and set to rise to $90 billion by the end of the decade. Growing numbers of gaming-capable smartphones and the move from physical media to online distribution platforms have lowered costs and made gaming far more accessible than ever before.

These new platforms mean that games can be sold in almost any country. But players are only likely to buy games they can understand.

We only employ Masters-qualified linguists with verified industry credentials and experience. Many are avid gamers themselves.

They know games that are immersive, enjoyable and easy to understand will sell, so we need to look at more than just the translation of the on-screen text. Gaming communities the world over have different slang and lingo to refer to different objects and concepts within games.

Instructions that work in one language might be less clear in others, and sometimes we might need to alter artwork, dialogue and even in-game assets to remain sensitive to different cultures.

This is part of our philosophy at Today Translations: we don’t just translate; we localise and transcreate, so that content is both culturally appropriate and in the correct tone of voice.

This happens towards the end of the development process when you want to get your game to market. To get there fast, we have technological solutions and high numbers of linguists in our global trusted network. For example, our Translation Memory management service ensures consistency across high volumes and can reduce costs.

What about subtitling or dubbing of in-game dialogue, or voiceovers? Yes, we can do that, too – into over 200 languages.

Recent Projects

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Browser Plug-in
Translation and Proofreading
15 Languages

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Promotional Game Localisation  
Translation and Proofreading

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Translation and Proofreading
60+ Projects
4,300,000 words translated

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Content We Translate

  • Website Localisation
  • On-Screen Text and Dialogue
  • Dialogue and Voiceovers
  • Store Descriptions
  • Online and Print Marketing
  • Terms and Conditions and EULA
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Manuals and Guides

Industry Insight

game localisation indonesia
Future of game localisation in South-East Asia will be decided by Indonesian market

Localising mobile games to local tastes can be hard-coming. In South-East Asia, diverse demographics in neighbouring regions are challenging developers to find the right balance.