Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

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Consecutive interpreting is the ideal and convenient solution to smaller, more intimate events where no more than two languages are spoken.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Normally intended for court hearings tribunals, interviews and conference calls, consecutive interpreters begin translating after the original speaker has finished, usually a couple of sentences at a time.

By carefully taking in the information, the interpreter has the time to analyse the message as a whole, usually a few sentences at a time, making it easier for them to deliver a more fluent, idiomatic output.

In most cases, the consecutive interpreter will also be taking notes in the target language while the main speaker is talking, ensuring that no details are inadvertently left out.

| A quality service that’s tailored to you

At Today Translations, we aim to provide the type of service that goes beyond expectations. Our network of linguists spans the world, meaning that we can supply consecutive interpreters to any location at any time.

If you require the consecutive interpreter at the venue a few hours beforehand, let us know and you can rely on them to be there. If you’d like speak to and get to know the interpreter, we’ll gladly set up a meeting, either in person or on the phone.

We also provide ad-hoc consecutive interpreting services for government officials, business executives, investors or observers conducting on-site visits. This service is marked by our interpreters’ ability to respond spontaneously to the variety of situations they may find themselves in – from formal meetings, to factory tours or even cocktail parties.

Highly-specialised professionals at a great rate

Our consecutive interpreting prices begin with some the most competitive rates among translation and interpreting agencies in the UK, and come with an attentive and dedicated customer service that can’t be beaten.

| Client Testimonials

Apex Public Relations EU

Jonathan Jewell

In choosing an organisation in an industry known not just for the creative arts, but also science, I look to people who will take ownership of my project. People who will treat it as their own, with all attendant care and diligence that ensues. Today Translations allows me to do business without the 'language interference' which, as a businessman, is what I come to a translation/interpreting firm for. Working with them is not just good return on investment, it is an encounter that is priceless.

Jonathan Jewell, Journalist
Apex Public Relations EU

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