You Can Help Save Translation Studies in Britain

We here at Today Translations are saddened to hear news of the possible closure of the modern languages and linguistics courses at the University of Salford’s School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences.

Salford has made the decision in order to “secure the future of the University” and ensure that the institution can “benefit students in areas that are in demand with employers.” However, we think language skills are currently one of the most in-demand skills and can greatly benefit a young person’s job prospects, which is why we’re backing a petition to reconsider the closure.

The University of Salford website itself states that “93% of Translating and Interpreting postgraduates go on to employment and/ or further study within 6 months of graduating.” As well, it was only last year that the British government discovered an ‘overwhelming support for foreign languages’ when the Department of Education proposed to bring forward compulsory language learning to the age of 7.

Britain’s kids risk falling behind their Continental peers if they are only a monolingual English speaker. As Devyani Sharma told the Evening Standard, “Multilingualism is excellent for job prospects. These London kids who are bilingually proficient could find a great advantage the more Britain looks to these regions for business partnerships. At the moment the situation is quite dire in Britain in terms of foreign language learning.”

The closure of the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences means the situation is only going to get direr. Salford University produces some of the top interpreters and translators and without this training, Britain is not going to have the linguists it needs in the coming years.

Sign the petition to save translation studies now

We encourage you to sign the petition here and read the accompanying letter from Professor Myriam Salama-Carr to Vice Chancellor Martin Hall.

Every time someone signs, the Vice Chancellor will receive an email. You have until July 31st, 2013 to get behind the cause to save translation studies in Britain.

Today Translations is a London-based translation company who work with over 2,600 linguists to provide professional translation, interpreting, and localisation services. Our entire team of APM certified Project Managers have a background in translation studies, which allow them to understand the complexity of our clients’ language needs. Today Translations values the important work of linguists and as such, is hoping to raise awareness of this important issue.