Jurga Discusses (Programming) Languages In The Next Women

Jurga Zilinskiene, IT geek and managing director of Today Translations, a leading London-based translation company, has been featured in the latest issue of the online business magazine, The Next Women.

Although one of the most popular languages today isn’t even spoken out loud, it is based on the English tongue and is seen on desktops and smartphones every day. We’re talking about programming languages.In the latest issue of The Next Women, Today Translations Managing Director Jurga Zilinskiene, gives six reasons why business leaders should learn to code.

Jurga learned computer programming out of necessity, in order to solve a problem she found in growing her business. In the early days of Today Translations, Jurga was in search of a platform capable of integrating the complexity of language projects, only to find that no such software existed. She took her vision to developers, who told her what she required could not be built. So, she took it upon herself to learn Visual Basic and built a database herself in the space of just six months. Today, that very database is used by all members of the organisation for functions as diverse as project management, customer relationship management, financial recording, and process monitoring – a unique tool in the translation industry.

Learning a new language can help you see things from a new perspective and learning a programming language, such Java Script, PHP or Python, is no exception. To find out about other ways how coding can help businesses, see Jurga’s article on The Next Women.

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