Today Translations to sponsor the City of London Police Awards

Today Translations is proud to announce that it has been chosen as one of the sponsors for the City of London Police Awards and Charity Dinner Dance on June 28.

The firm’s CEO and advisory board member, Jurga Zilinskiene and David Clarke, will also have the honour of presenting a specially-sponsored Police Dragon award on the evening.

The awards, a miniature model of the dragons that stand around the perimeter of the Square Mile, are presented to officers and constables of different rank, recognising the excellent service that they have put into the force during the course of the year.

Each year, money raised during the evening will be donated to the City of London Police’s charity of choice. This year funds will go towards the force’s charity of children, City Kids, which helps lift children in the UK out of poverty, relieving them of sickness and distress.

The City of London Police and Today Translations

Today Translations has a long affiliation with the City of London Police Awards, having sponsored the very first event in 2003.

That same year, Today Translations was commissioned by the City of London Police to translate Aristotle’s phrase “Excellence is not a single act” into Latin. The inscription “Virtus unum factum non est” appears around the plinth of the Police Dragon award.

Mr Clarke also has a long affiliation with the City of London Police, having served the force for more than 30 years, climbing to the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent before retiring in 2012.

The event takes place on Friday, June 28. To find out about becoming a sponsor, contact the Police Staff Officer on 020 7601 2021.

Today Translations is a translation company based in the heart of London, providing translation, interpreting and localisation service across a range of industries. Our close partnership with the City of London Police in specialist areas of business includes the recruitment and safe deployment of linguists for high profile conferences.